1. Having launched the first mid-wheel drive platform to the wheelchair market nearly 30 years ago, Permobil honors that rich tradition with the addition of the M300 to its product line. Developed by Permobil Senior Designers, Mehdi Mirzaie and Bo Engman, the M300 features the ground-breaking, patent-pending Climbing and Traction Link system. With its compact size, the M300 has a tight 20" turning radius, comes with PG 120 amp R-Net electronics and offers two speed packages - 6 MPH standard and 7.5 MPH optional. The M300 also features stylish easy-to-replace swing arm covers made of scratch resistant material, which protect the swing arms from unsightly chips and scrapes.
    The patent-pending Climbing and Traction Link system connects the drive wheels and casters and performs multiple functions, providing overall stability especially while climbing obstacles and traversing various surfaces. With the Climbing and Traction Link system, the M300 boasts unmatched climbing capabilities - 3" forward and 2" reverse. The large 8" casters and flat-free drive tires with gel inserts help absorb shock, while the solid steel struts lessen the impact of lateral forces. Plus, the Climbing and Traction Link system incorporates an oil-damped shock with a progressive tension spring, so performance can be adjusted to fit an individual's weight and lifestyle needs.

    Product Features
    Dura Core Tilt
    Up to 50° of tilt standard.
    Power Recline
    Up to 175° of recline.
    8" Power Seat Elevator
    Bring the world to your fingertips.
    CATLINK Suspension
    Connected casters for added stability.

    Easy Split Back
    Adjustable in 1" increments.
    tight turning radius
    20" / 510 mm turning radius.
    Integrated Unitrack
    Easily mount accessories and headrests.
    Advanced Shocks
    Easily adjusted for comfort.

    Available Power Functions
    Available Fabric Options

    Compatible Seating Systems
    Corpus 3G
    Evolutionary has truly become Revolutionary! Developed along with the original Corpus® designer - Bengt Engström - the Corpus 3G features an ergonomic design that follows the contours of the body providing the ultimate in comfort and support.
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    Versatile, Adjustable, Durableā€¦ this is Permobil's PS seating. The sliding, telescoping frame and expanding seat pan allow for full range of adjustment. Plus, the PS is constructed of a strong tubular material, making it a rugged option for any lifestyle.
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    M300 Corpus 3G Specifications
    Maximum User Weight 300 lbs 136 kg
    Maximum Speed Options 6.0 MPH, 7.5 MPH 10 km/h, 12 km/h
    Driving Range (1) 13 miles 21 km
    Base Width 24" 615 mm
    Base Length 36.5" 925 mm
    Minimum Turning Radius 20" 510 mm
    Ground Clearance 3" 75 mm
    Optional Seat Elevator 8" 200 mm
    Battery Type
    Group 24, Group 34
    Drive Electronics
    120A R-net
    Maximum Slope (2)
    9° Up / 9° Down
    1 This represents the theoretical driving range when testing the wheelchair according to RESNA WC-2, Section 4. This test is performed under ideal conditions and actual range will vary depending on battery and driving conditions.
    2 Refer to Owner Manual for safe driving practices
    Seat to Floor Height
    17.5" 445 mm
    (Seat Tube)
    17.5", 18.25", 19" 445, 465, 485 mm
    Tilt Options
    0° — 50°
    -5° — 45°
    Recline Options
    85° — 175°
    85° — 120°
    Legrest Elevation
    85° — 170°
    85° — 170°
    Armrest Pad Lengths 10", 13", 16" 260, 335, 410 mm
    Seat Widths 17", 19", 21", 23" 420, 470, 520, 570 mm
    Seat Depths 14" — 22" 370 — 570 mm
    Backrest Heights 20", 23" — 28" 500, 570 — 710 mm